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Bank Deposit Rates November 2022

NC Bank Deposit Rates

It has been a historic year for interest rate hikes. The Federal Reserve has increased their target rate by nearly 4% in just the last year, and the average 30-year mortgage now sits at a staggering 7%. However, you may have noticed that your bank account hasn’t gotten the memo on these rate changes. According to Bankrate, the national average interest rate for a savings deposit account is a paltry 0.19% as of a November 22 survey, and many large institutions are still paying 0.01% on a variety of savings products....


Is Diversification Dead?

According to Nobel Prize winning economist Harry Markowitz, “Diversification is the only free lunch.” Markowitz introduced the concept of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) in 1952, and the crux of his model...

Inflation Bonds

Investment Advisor Survey 2022

We've recently completed our survey of registered investment advisory fees for the state of North Carolina. Interestingly enough, the industry saw minimal changes in fees since our last survey in 2018...

Inflation Bonds

There is No I in Team

Inflation is the topic du jour these days—and for good reason. With the price of just about everything seemingly up double digits in the last year, it’s hard to escape the daily frustration as goods and services take a bigger bite out of our pocketbooks. With stocks and bonds both significantly underwater for the first half of the year, how do you counteract the deflation in your portfolio...

Real Estate

Keeping it Real in Real Estate

Results have not been good for investors in the first half of 2022. While the double digit negative returns for stocks and bonds has been historically bad, there is potentially one asset on your balance sheet still holding up in this bear market — your home. This has a lot of pundits asking if there is also a bubble...

Bear Market 2022

The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Start to 2022

Over the course of this century, we’ve seen some pretty epic bear markets. Battle scars remain for anyone who went through the dotcom bubble bust in 2000 or the 2008 banking crisis. However, during both of those bear market storms, the diversified investor was able to find some shelter in the fixed income markets. Unfortunately, in 2022, the bond index is also down a whopping 10%...

Investors Final Four 2022

2022 Investors Final Four

At this time last year, we pondered whether the quarantine bubble might be giving way to a stock market bubble. With stocks continuing their meteoric rise through 2021 year-end, it seemed almost inevitable that a correction of some sort was due. In our January newsletter...

Investment Outlook 2022

2022 Market Predictions

Another year, another round of double-digit market performance. Who knew a global sickness could make your portfolio so healthy? Does pandemic equal profit? Before we predict if the second coming of the roaring 20’s will continue, lets take a look at our predictions from the past year...

Our Book - Preparing for Retirement

Tarheel Advisors, LLC has produced an educational text on financial planning available at Amazon. In order to have a successful retirement, you must have a plan that allows you to identify risks, reduce taxes, find good investments, understand insurance, save for education, and manage your estate planning. Preparing for Retirement: A Comprehensive Guide To Financial Planning does this with a 176 page guide that is full of easy to read charts, examples, and an appendix of commonly used financial planning forms. Whether you have managed your money for decades or you're new to financial planning, this 2018 edition of Preparing for Retirement provides the information and techniques needed to successfully create and maintain a financial plan.