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Not So Passive Income

Being a landlord can be a lot like a hunt for buried treasure in a famous old Western movie. Imagine your long-term rental tenants have just finished moving out, and it is time to inspect the property and get ready for the next tenant. What kind of gifts have they left for you? Over the years, I’ve received...

Opportunity Zone Investing in NC

The Tax Wizard of OZ

The tools available to investors for income tax planning seem to decrease every decade. Unless you are a business owner, there is minimal tax planning one can do to lessen taxes outside of depreciating rental property and maximizing contributions to retirement accounts. Giving assets to charity can be effective, but you are relinquishing control of that money which does not work if you still need those funds. If you struggle with writing checks to the Wicked Witch of the West, better known as the IRS, then Opportunity Zone investing might be of interest to you...

Investors Final Four 2023

Investors Final Four 2023

This year it seems like “March Madness” isn’t solely reserved for the basketball court. After a strong January, and a largely positive start to the investment year for most asset classes, the last month of the quarter has brought some serious headlines and volatility back into the market. As we digest the news and consider its ramifications, let’s look at the four top investment forces so far this year and anticipate which will have the most impact on your portfolio...

Investment Outlook 2023

2023 Market Predictions

If long-term investing was easy then everyone would do it, right? 2022 tested the resolve of the long-term investor like we haven’t seen in 14 years. Stock and bond indexes across the board were down double digits almost from the get-go, and a 4th quarter rally failed to materialize leaving investors with sour eggnog for New Years. Before we predict whether this malaise will continue in 2023...

Our Book - Preparing for Retirement

Tarheel Advisors, LLC has produced an educational text on financial planning available at Amazon. In order to have a successful retirement, you must have a plan that allows you to identify risks, reduce taxes, find good investments, understand insurance, save for education, and manage your estate planning. Preparing for Retirement: A Comprehensive Guide To Financial Planning does this with a 176 page guide that is full of easy to read charts, examples, and an appendix of commonly used financial planning forms. Whether you have managed your money for decades or you're new to financial planning, this 2018 edition of Preparing for Retirement provides the information and techniques needed to successfully create and maintain a financial plan.